Affordable Waist Beads from Ghana

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  • Who/What Are We?

    Morowa's Beads Collection is a product line of Blankson Enterprises, the creators of KENTEFASHIONHOUSE where we supply affordable Kente products.

    The name Morowa means Queen and this site was specifically created to provide affordable waist beads and bead accessories to our Queens looking to adorn themselves in some traditional African jewelry.

  • Where Are They Made?

    Our Beads are made in Ghana, West Africa, by an exclusive supplier that makes every single strand by hand. Because of this, no one strand is the same. Every single strand of beads is unique, and comes on cotton or nylon strings.

  • Why So Affordable?

    Our prices can't be "beat" anywhere as all cost savings are passed on to you. As a line of the Blankson Enterprises offerings, we leverage our bulk buying capabilities to provide quality items at affordable prices so that everyone can afford a piece of African artistry and history.

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